It's not a destination, it's a way of life!
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Hello, my name is Christi Sansalone.  I am the owner and innkeeper.  I am also the hunter's wife and a mom.  I have been married 11 years and have an 8 year old boy named Christian Rocco who loves school, soccer, basketball and football..  Boy, does he love football!!  I love to cook, bake, garden, paint, organize, clean and decorate.  I have been in the lodging business for 24 years.  I built Hills of Romance with my dad 17 years ago.  So, yes I do it all.  I clean, maintain the pools and hot tubs and do the yard work.  As you would have guessed, my husband, Frank, loves to hunt and fish.  He is the most requested massage therapist in Austin, Texas.  He just opened his own Endermologie/lymph work and massage practice in West Lake (  So, as you can see, we are a pretty busy family.  I have created our cabins to show you our way of life over here in the Texas hill country.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. 

Due to my schedule and depending on where I am, I cannot answer phone calls or receive all calls that come through.  So, please email or text me for any inquiries.  Thank you!


Text Only 512.558.1284

"We spent our Honeymoon at the Bamboo Bungalow last year and came back to the Cozy Cottage for our one year anniversary.  The opportunities for intimacy, talking and just being one are so plentiful.  We love it here and will be back every year!  The time and care you give for the flowers and décor shows!  Thank you for another great time!  Leaving is rough."  Mike & Carrie


We had such an amazing weekend.  It was so relaxing and peaceful.  The pool and hot tub were absolutely perfect.  The view of the sunrise from the bed was incredibale.  Hope to do it again some time soon!"  Jimmy & Domineque